Our business has its roots in Göthe Lindebergs recycling activities as
started in late 40’s, thereafter run by Leif Lindeberg and today developed from recycling
to re-use by Gunnar Lindeberg with his partners.




LRG companies are active on the
second hand market of paper, board
and other print and packaging
materials in reels and sheets.

From the different sources of surplus paper we bring it to our warehouse for refurbishing and specification to be able to offer it to our clients as an economical option for their production

LRG also run its own production of floor protection paper, pallet interleaving paper and board, filling and wrappings paper, drawing papers and much more,

The business is run by the motto “we optimize re-use” simply because we do constantly look for alternative usage of downgraded paper, to give it a longer life than just fiber or energy recover.